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Turn to Southeast Missouri's trusted and family-owned construction company to build your custom home from the ground up. Start a conversation with our professionals and let us turn your dreams into a reality.


Your budget and satisfaction are our top priority - we're not in business to build you something you can't afford, so we won't. When you build a home with Mace Construction, Inc. we will walk you through the home building process step-by-step, ensuring that you feel comfortable and guide you to not go over budget. Additionally, we help you prioritize your wants and needs to make sure you can afford the home you love, and that you'll love the home you can afford!

There are several reasons that people chose to build a custom home.  However, there is one common theme—they want something that specifically meets their family needs.  A common misconception people have about custom homes is that they cost more.  That is not always the case!  The reality is that as the homeowner, you have control regarding where you want to spend your money.   If there are specific areas that are very important to you, such as energy efficiency or oversized trim, you have the ability to spend more in those areas, cutting back in areas that are less important to your family.


Our passion to build homes of lasting value and quality shows in our attention to every detail.

Build the home that you always dreamed about

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Let us help construct your brand new home

Trust us from planning to turn key

1. Deciding where/ when to build-  Before we get started on things- like layout and décor, we need to figure out when the right time to build is and if you have a spot in mind.


2. Do you have plans?- A very important step to building your custom home is to have the right plans. If you already have blueprints we can work off those and if you have not come that far we will be more than happy to work with you to create a plan that works best for your family.


3. Discuss your needs/ wants- This is your home so we listen to your tastes and take the time to understand your vision before we translate those needs into the distinctive design and unique touches of your custom home.


4. Finalize and Start Construction- Upon going over the final plan, we start construction!

Steps to building your dream home: